Visiting Amusement Parks

When your child is looking for something to do, especially during the summer, having Celiac can be a limitation. One of my favorite places to go to during the summer is an amusement park. While you can always send your child with packed meals, it is much nicer when they can buy food at the amusement park that they are going to. Also, not all parks allow outside food, so it is always a good idea to check ahead of time. Over the past few years, I have traveled to many amusement parks across the East Coast of the United States:

Six Flags: I have been to Six Flags New England (MA), Six Flags Great Adventure (NJ), Six Flags Great Escape (NY), and Six Flags America (MD) as of 2017, and none of these amusement parks have had gluten-free options besides pre-packaged goods such as chips. These parks were some of the least accommodating amusement parks I have been to, and if you and your family plan on spending the day here, bringing your own gluten-free food is a must.

Hersheypark (PA), Lake Compounce (CT), and Busch Gardens (Williamsburg, VA) all do have gluten-free options. When I went to Busch Gardens, I ordered a gluten-free pizza at Das Festhaus, and there are more gluten-free options than just this. At Lake Compounce, The Croc Pot (which is near the waterpark and lake) has gluten-free options like a hamburger, mac and cheese, personal pizza, meatloaf, penne pasta, and cookies (they use a designated oven and grill). Furthermore, the Potato Patch has gluten-free fries that they cook in a separate fryer. Hersheypark has numerous locations that offer gluten-free foods, including the The Outpost, which is a dedicated gluten-free and nut-free stand serving meal and snack options. Other locations at Hershey include:

  1. Hollow Famous Famiglia- GF pizza & french fries
  2. Timber Treats- GF hot dogs
  3. Country Grill- GF hot dogs
  4. Decades- GF burgers and chicken sandwiches
  5. Shore Line Grill- GF burgers, chicken sandwiches, and beef tenderloin sandwiches

Dorney Park (PA) and Kings Dominion (VA) both have a limited number of gluten-free options, but you need to check about cross contamination.

Out of all of these amusement parks, I have found Hersheypark to be the most accommodating for people with Celiac, making it a great place to take your child for a summer trip if you live anywhere close to it.


The information given on this page may have have changed since the last time I went to these amusement parks. For example, some of these parks could have added or changed their gluten-free options. Please remember to ALWAYS exercise caution and question the staff/chefs at any park to ensure that the gluten-free food your child is being served is safe to eat!

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