Growing Up Gluten-Free

This online handbook on growing up gluten-free will educate both parents and their gluten-free children. My goal is to help these children have an enjoyable, happy and stress-free life. 

This website will discuss in-depth:

--What Celiac disease is, common symptoms, and how to get diagnosed

--How living on a gluten-free diet can affect and change one’s childhood: (1) the emotional and mental impact this may have on a child, (2) how to manage and cope with associated negative feelings

--How to organize your home after the diagnosis

--Advice on how to successfully manage a child’s social life while living gluten-free. Topics include:

  1. Birthday parties
  2. Other parties, such as bar/bat mitzvahs
  3. Spending time with friends

--Advice on how to successfully navigate other areas of daily life as a gluten-free child such as:

  1. School
  2. Camp
  3. Common everyday items that may not be gluten-free (toiletries).

--Advice on planning the best family trip while eating gluten-free:

  1. Popular destinations with many gluten-free options
  2. How to find gluten-free eateries
  3. What to pack, and how much to pack

--Advice on going out to restaurants, including:

  1. How to avoid cross-contamination
  2. How to recognize and figure out which restaurants are safe for people with Celiac disease
  3. What to say/ask the waiters, chef, or other restaurant staff

--Advice on how to find the best gluten-free food and snacks that every child will love, including:

  1. My personal favorites
  2. FAQs

The goal of this website is to answer any potential questions that a gluten-free child and/or their parents may have about this lifestyle, because...


I hope that my experience of growing up as a gluten-free child will provide valuable first-hand advice to aid children and their parents. Living gluten-free should not hinder any child from having an amazing, fun-filled, and normal childhood because it is not an insurmountable challenge. There are many child-friendly gluten-free options available as awareness of celiac disease continues to increase. This website will allow you to learn about all the unique opportunities available for gluten-free children. 

For Parents: Living gluten-free can be a great learning experience for children because this adversity will prepare them to overcome other challenges that may arise later in life. Living gluten-free can also help a child become comfortable and proud of being unique. It can provide invaluable learning experiences, and can in some ways even be an advantage for your child in the long run!